Introducing: a cloche

Red bread cloche

We got a new bread cloche from Emile Henry. No, I didn't know what one was either. Basically, it's designed to replicate the conditions of a bread oven.

We got it for free with another product, and I thought I'd give it a go. With a much bigger base, it gives a better rise and consistent space to grow when baking. Much better than the Dutch Ovens I've been using, which are oval or just don't have a big enough circumference. 

It's also inspired me to do some "normal" baking using dried yeast, and the most amazing thing about this is the gorgeous crust you get. It smells incredible, the crunch of the crust is amazing, and the consistency of the crumb on another level.

It definitely does create the bread oven conditions it promises and gives you that real French-bread crunch!